Summer School Dress Policy (After School Matters, Gear Up, Online Learning and Summer Spanish)

   Academics Students

Students participating in summer programming at Goode are allowed to come out of uniform, but must adhere to the following restrictions:

-Flip-flops or any type of open-toed shoes are not permitted. Students wearing open toed shoes will not be permitted onto the floors.

-Short skirts or shorts are not permitted. Skirts and shorts should be knee length or longer

-Leggings are not permitted. Joggers are allowed

-Spaghetti-straps or strapless tops/dresses are not permitted

-Shirts/Dresses that expose the midriff are not permitted

-Clothing with bandana print, graphic images or profane language is not permitted

-Hoodies are not permitted (students may bring a sweater or cardigan if they are cold)

-Students are not permitted to wear ripped jeans

-Students are not permitted to wear sagging pants

Any violation of the summer dress code will trigger a parent phone call. Parents will be asked to bring their child a change of clothing. If the parent does not bring a change of clothing the student will not be able to participate in the summer program.