Goode Summer College Trips

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Attention Innovators and Parents! The best way to find out what types of schools you like is to visit them. So, this summer, Goode is taking college trips. Each trip represents a different type of institution to help you think about where your post-secondary journey may take you. Even if you know you want to attend an out-of-state school, join us to experience different campuses and learn about your options. Parent chaperones are needed too. Please sign up using the eventbrite link on the Goode website! *note: registration closes three days before trip

Illinois State University (Thursday, 7/20/2017)

  • large, public, 2 hrs. away
  • 3.08 average GPA
  • 21-26 average ACT
  • uofi.jpg

University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana
(Thursday, 7/27/2017)

  • large, public, 2 hrs. away
  • 3.32-3.88 average GPA
  • 27-33 average ACT (=### SAT)

Even if your GPA and ACT are lower than the school average (or higher), still come! Many schools have special programming for students whose credentials fall outside of their class norm. If you have any questions or concerns about the trip, please contact Ms. Towns-Scott at or 773-535-7897.