VEI Students Make Semi Finals

by Andrew Krumtinger    Academics

VEI Students Make Semi Finals
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On Friday, 12/8, Mr. Chu, Mr. Bonner and Ms. Suttmeier went with the VEI class to NIU for the Illinois VEI competition.  The VEI students went in front of a panel of judges to pitch their virtual company "Innovatio." Out of 16 schools and virtual companies, Goode made the semi-finals which were the top 6 schools!

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Our students represented Goode in a major way.  Not only were they the only school there from CPS, but they presented their company with confidence, pride, and intensity.  After each presentation, our students were asked a series of questions from the judges which they answered with clarity, making it obvious how knowledgeable they were about their company and their products.

A HUGE congratulations to Mr. Chu and his VEI class.  Thank you Mr. Chu for exposing our students to the world of VEI.