Daley College / Associates Degree

PLEASE NOTE: As part of the process for completing the Compass Exam, all students at Goode were required to complete the City Colleges of Chicago online application. You may have or will receive communications stating that your student has been accepted. The letter may also indicate ‘next steps’ to take. Please do not proceed with ‘next steps’ at this time. Registration and enrollment is managed by Goode and Daley Administration only.

Goode’s Criteria for Dual Enrollment at Daley College

  • GPA: 2.5 or better
  • Grades: C or better in each subject
  • Attendance Percentage: 90% or better
  • Behavior: Upholds behavior expectations (student does not practice egregious behavior outlined in, but not limited to the SWEP)

To Maintain Enrollment Status at Daley each Semester Students must:

  • GPA: Maintain a 2.5 at Goode
  • Grades: Maintain a C or better in each subject both at Goode and Daley
  • (Students who earn a 2.0 at Daley within a semester may only take 1 course the following semester)
  • Attendance: Maintain a 90% attendance rate
  • Behavior: Uphold Daley and Goode’s expectations (please see handbook)


Loaner Laptops

Need a laptop for Daley classes? Here is a link to more information about this program.

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Tutoring Services at Daley

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Daley College

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Academic Tutoring

(515KB) Academic Tutoring Schedule Fall 2014 as of 09/2014.

Academic Calendar

(205KB) CCC Academic Calendar 2014

IT Pathways Information

(913KB) IT Pathways Information sheet.

IT Pathways Selection

(512KB) IT Pathways Selection sheet.

Student Policy Manual for Daley Students

(645KB) Latest student policy manual for Daley students.

Success Plan

(241KB) Success Plan sheet.