Testing Tips

Before the test…

  • Get plenty of rest the night before.
  • Eat a good breakfast. (Brain food!)
  • Arrive to school early…this will allow you to relax and ease into your day.

During the test…

  • Read ALL directions carefully.
  • Budget your time. If you are stuck, move on and return to that question at the end.
  • Make educated guesses. Eliminate the options you know are incorrect.
  • If the question is confusing, look at the answers. They often explain the question.
  • Your first response is your best response. Do not change your answer unless you have a good reason to do so

Most of all...RELAX and DO YOUR BEST!

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Register for the SAT

Log into your College Board account to register to take the SAT on a Saturday. Your School Counselor recommends that all students take the SAT at least twice! Contact your School Counselor to see if you qualify for a SAT Fee Waiver.