Service Learning

What Is Service Learning?

Service Learning is different from community service. Community service is a form of volunteerism that is not tied to academic learning. Service learning engages participants in an examination of a problem/need while working towards a solution as an academic experience.

Need ideas of what to do? Check out link to the Service Learning Calendar or download it below. Also, here is a link to a nationwide search for organizations seeking volunteers and here is a link to All For Good, a volunteer database.


The Service Learning Requirement has been updated for class of 2020 and beyond!  The requirement is now 2 classroom-connected service learning projects. Students are encouraged to participate in community service outside of school as well, but it is not required. Start brainstorming with your teachers and peers now!

If you do engage in community service separate from a school project - Keep track of your hours. This must be signed by your project supervisor, keep one copy for your records and hand in the original copy to Ms. Stalzer in the Student Development office. These individual hours will be added to your transcript for scholarships and college admissions reps.

What Service Learning Is Not

  • Donating food or clothing items
  • Work with for-profit businesses and corporations;
  • Work with religious organizations if the service involves promoting a particular faith;
  • Volunteer work where no academic objective is addressed;
  • Work that is financially reimbursed;
  • Participation in a sports team or other extra-curricular activity unless that group designs a service-learning project that contains the components listed above
  • Assisting a teacher (i.e. correcting papers, cleaning the classroom)
  • Artistic performances unless students are involved in creating a project that includes a performance as an outcome of the project
  • Attending a workshop, conference or other educational event unless that training leads directly to a service project.

For more information, please visit: Service Learning

You can also contact our Service Learning Coach Ms. Stalzer in the Student Development Office or via email at