What is STEM?

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) skills are in high demand in today's workforce. At Sarah E. Goode, we encourage innovation. Our vision requires us to ensure that our innovators are career ready when they graduate from SEG. Our curriculum will prepare students for STEM jobs in high demand such as Software Developers, Mechanical Engineers, Food Scientists and Technologists, Forensic Engineers, and many more!

By 2018, Illinois will demand a total of 319,820 STEM jobs, up from 266,900 in 2008. 93% of these jobs will require post-secondary education and training by 2018.

With our curriculum, we are meeting this projected rise in demand head on. STEM students will not only be ready for careers in STEM, they will also have the opportunity to earn college credit towards an Associate Degree while still in high school.

For a better idea of careers in STEM, click here. Browse through other STEM careers descriptions here.

Why Choose Early College?

Not only do our students leave SEG with a high school diploma. We are providing our innovators with the opportunity to:

  • Earn college credit. STEM students can earn credit simultaneously toward a high school diploma and Associate Degree at City Colleges of Chicago.
  • Gain work experience. With our corporate partner IBM, innovators will have mentorships, job shadows, and internships that may lead to full time jobs.
  • Be career ready. Technology curriculum prepares students for jobs in high demand, including web development, network or database administration, and computer programming.