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Welcome Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy Parents. Our partnership is vital to the success of our Innovators. We are actively working to make Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy THE premier STEM school in the country. Our mission is that all of our students graduate with an associates degree and master the Goode Life Habits." We need your help to accomplish this goal. Please join us in moving Goode to Great!

Early Dismissal

An early dismissal is defined as a student leaving school early with a parent or guardian. Individuals must have a valid ID to pick up a student. Students are not permitted to leave with an individual who is not listed as a contact on their file. Parents/guardians must add individuals as an approved contact in person at the Main Office.

  1. Visitors sign in at security checkpoint where security officer verifies ID and that the individual is an approved contact.
  2. Parent/guardian proceeds to the Main Office where they will complete early dismissal paperwork, provide ID to get copied, and await students. Parents are not permitted to go upstairs for any reason.
  3. Student will meet parent/guardian in the Main Office.
  4. Parent/guardian and student exit through the main entrance.
  5. We do not pull students out of class for any reason.

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