Early College and ALEKS Exam

Testing at Goode

Students will be invited to take the CCC placement exam each fall and spring semester if they meet the Early College requirements. Ms. Suttmeier will send out an email to all eligible students with testing dates and how to register.

Prior to taking the placement test(s) new students must apply for admission and receive: a student ID number, CCC username and password to log-in to – the student portal. This information is sent to new students to the email address provided in the online application.        

How to Prepare

You are strongly encouraged to review placement test preparation materials, accessible through the links to the right under ‘Other Resources.’     

I prefer to take the ALEKS at CCC, is that possible? 

Yes. You can take the placement test(s) at any one of the City Colleges of Chicago’s Testing Centers, computer labs or libraries. If you have further questions, contact information for campus testing centers is available through the link on the right, ‘Testing Resources Centers.’     

Do I need any materials to take the exam?

In order to ensure that you are able to take the test comfortably and without interruption, you should keep these things handy: ink pens, pencils, paper, a dictionary and your username and password for the student portal. If you are taking the test on campus, also bring your student ID number and your photo ID.